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Weekends at the end of January

Are almost too weird to stand! You go in the city and see these crazy people who have spent January in a monastic huddle, suddenly come to life again.

I went to some of these Celtic Connections events..The Old Fruitmarket in theMerchant City of glasgow was really good. I can’t remember wh owas playing, Chris Drevers(?) , not at all my kind of stuff..but the folky folk were good and there wasn’t too big a queue at the bar!

Went back to the Connections club in the Central Hotel, or whatever it’s called now!

Not a nice place…and some of the folky folk lost their cool in the tense heat of the battle for beer in that less than relaxed atmosphere.

But it was a worthwhile foray into a different night out for me…..still managed to find time to go into the Beer Cafe and catch up with Stevie and a few guys…

But by the end of the weekend I was wondering if we should take these breaks from the booze and the none stop enteertainment….like a marathon runner with a niggling injury…we lose the stamina to compete!!


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New Year….same old venues!

Went down to King Tut’s last night to see “We Are The Physics”. There was quite a good crowd for the night before the first pay day in the NewYear if you get paid four weekly and work for local government!!

 Although I did have a sense that there were dozens of  friends and relations on the guest list….of which I was not one, I would add, even though my young cousin is in the band! 

Anyhow, I went with young Sean, who I was meeting around 9.30pm. While waiting for him I turned my attention to the jukbox and tried to play 5 songs in a row that would last me till then…Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys)(reflects how I feel in the New Year) Dry the Rain, (Beta Band), How Soon is Now (The Smiths) Just Like Honey (J&MC) and ended…to make the time up…with Marquee Moon (Television)..

..Well, I enjoyed it!

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