Well that’s the end of November..in a Gucci kind of way!

And the snow fell, and the days were dark, and the Pogues and the Saw Doctors and even the old scottish bands like The Silencers and Runrig announced December dates to tempt the middle classes from their dinner table chat about the credit crunch!!

Having a look around the Xmas gigs in Glasgow is pretty predictible…We’ve just had The Alarm play every Friday in November…Idlewild play every night for a week at Tuts and Biffy play every night somewhere in the West coast!

Jesse Malin plays at ABC in December…..Roisin Murphy makes an appearance at the ABC also next week….Roisin is not usually the type of artist I rave about (being a complete “shoegazer”) but her old band “Moloko” once did a brilliant video rip off of Roxy Music on the Old Grey Whistle Test for one of their songs….”Pure Pleasure Seeker”

…A La roxy’s for your pleasure era!!


And in the run up to the gig in glasgow I found out she is singing the backing vocals to a new Gucci advert that uses a Bryan Ferry song, Slave to Love…so there you go.

Le Reno Amps are launching their next campaign for musical sell out and fame in December…

The new record is out December 8. And they play in Paisley (29/11/08) and BREL, Glasgow, 18/12/08


And not forgetting the family connexion… We Are The Physics play King Tuts on 28 December…I’ll be there before I head off to Canada for the Bells


So that’ll be my Xmas night out!! Apart from the other dozen nights where I’ll challenge my failing physical abilities to make it through the month!


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