Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Wow, 3 days now of sub zero temperatures and the hospitals fill up with broken bodies…I was reading about how we feel we are “worse off” these days than 30 years ago. Certainly, in the pavement salting department we seem to have fallen away…no sign of any grit in Springburn.

But the weather is so mild generally it’s as if we get out of the habit of knowing what to do. In the last week I’ve heard of two people ahave problems with their cars:

one had a flat tyre ….and had never ever ever put air in a tyre.

The other had blown up an engine because (s)he had never ever ever checked the oil in a car…and this time the car had run out and blown up.   We are losing the ability to look after ourselves. These folk would never let their Ipod go uncharged..or their mobile phone topped up!

The best laugh was this morning, I unlocked my car doors using the electronic “doofer”…but then the driver side door would not close properly,…so I had to lower the window and kinda hold the door closed over…looking as if I was sweltering in the sub zero temperature with my window down and my elbow sticking out the window….

This was a daft idea and luckily by the time I got to the traffic lights it had thawed out enough to close with a sharp push…Lucky!!

So i’ve left the car in the street with the doors open tonight ( car thiefs please don’t read that bit!)


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