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On a Tight Budget

So how many Billions are we in debt now? It doesn’t feel that sore from where I’m sitting…head down in the bus lane!!
Talking of that…I’ve just signed up with some tax thing in my work to buy a bike and save some tax…I don’t really understand it but it sounds like the right thing to do.

And while we’re on the topic of savings’s an interesting link to calculate whether you spend more or less than the average…..

Mine was weird cos I spend thousands on flights but nothing on food!!

Anyway, back to the budget. I’m getting worried about how one dimensional the UK media is getting. Who cares about the 50p tax rate. If you earn that much you should be glad. I laughed so much tonight when I heard all the talking heads on about going back on a 20 year old agreement. These are the same people who turn on me when I write asking them about 3 year old promises on education and transport saying that in this fast moving environment nothing can stay still!

And then there’s the brain drain and the tax avoidance. Let them go. We need to build a consensus on values and culture and shared goals. If you’re not up for it…go somewhere else….it’s still a free country???

Talking to folk at work the other day about the health service and they were moaning saying we need to modernise (code for what?)

And then one of them tells a tale about going to the PDSA with an injured cat and the vet not looking at it until a credit card had been handed over….I’m not sure they made the link!


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April Fools

I was over in Canada for a couple of weeks and had a really good time viewing the world from my suburban basement.

George Galloway was refused entry to Canada because some tosser in government thought he might share some thoughts about the middle east?

Then South Africa refuse access to the Dalai Lama who was supposed to attend a peace conference. It seems this was after pressure from China.

What is all this nonesense.?

The South Africa thing confused me, then annoyed me. I made silent vows never to go there again…..which is weird since i’ve never been. Then I vowed to not go there even if Scotland qualify for the 2010 World Cup….

…Me and Barry Ferguson both it seems!

I shook my head at the front page of the Sun (I won’t use the word “newspaper”). Pictures of Bazza and the other idiot with fingers spread…shoved in below the story of 16 dead in the helicopter crash off the Buchan coast. That’s the way to prioritise news!

As we’ve said often, football is no longer a sport. It’s time our governments, cultural agencies, media etc turned the focus and energy to role models for young folk such as Chris Hoy, Andy Murray and even away from sport to music, art etc

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