April Fools

I was over in Canada for a couple of weeks and had a really good time viewing the world from my suburban basement.

George Galloway was refused entry to Canada because some tosser in government thought he might share some thoughts about the middle east?

Then South Africa refuse access to the Dalai Lama who was supposed to attend a peace conference. It seems this was after pressure from China.

What is all this nonesense.?

The South Africa thing confused me, then annoyed me. I made silent vows never to go there again…..which is weird since i’ve never been. Then I vowed to not go there even if Scotland qualify for the 2010 World Cup….

…Me and Barry Ferguson both it seems!

I shook my head at the front page of the Sun (I won’t use the word “newspaper”). Pictures of Bazza and the other idiot with fingers spread…shoved in below the story of 16 dead in the helicopter crash off the Buchan coast. That’s the way to prioritise news!

As we’ve said often, football is no longer a sport. It’s time our governments, cultural agencies, media etc turned the focus and energy to role models for young folk such as Chris Hoy, Andy Murray and even away from sport to music, art etc


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