Fiddling My Expenses to see Half Man Half Biscuit

True confession….last week I bought an Off Peak Return ticket from Ediburgh to glasgow for the 18.45 train and used it on the 18.30…..

Should I lock my self up?

I’m really careful about owing money, paying bills etc….as I always say…at my age all i’ve got left is my integrity and my extensive knowledge of 70’s New Wave music!

forget about all these MP’s making a hash of things now…just wait till the next time when the torys (and sad to say it will be them) start telling us all how we don’t deserve this and don’t deserve that.

There should be a fantastic wailing at them to just shut the fuck up.

I’ve written before about how some of us on the left have been nailing MPs about “don’t tell us we cannot afford it”..

After the last few weeks there is such a credability gap it’s not funny!

On to happier things. My local football team, Ashfield, have been promoted to the West of Scotland Division 1. They beat local rivals Maryhill 3-1 today. It was really exciting HONEST!!

And during the week I’d been to see Half Man Half Biscuit for about the millionth time. good time had by all but either I’m going deaf or the Arches is just a bit of a brick midden!


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