Orlando Orlando Orlando

Just a nice name to say more than once. I was there for the last week or so. It was really good. I was with my “borrowed” family and had a nice time “doing Disney”. We were all organised and everything…up early, plan of attack, fastpass and route maps…like Rommel in Africa….or something?
A lovely timeshare place with 4 TV’s 2 washing machines, 2 tumble driers, 2 Fridges, 2 freezers, 2 showers, 1 jacuzzi….you get the idea…..! And a bed bigger than my living room…!!

although after my friends left I spent a night in a Super8 motel on the highway to Orlando Airport…and when I say “on the highway” I mean it….Like the Blues Brothers quote “How often do the trains go past?”
“So often you won’t even notice!”

So back to sunny Scotland, Aberdeen have a new manager, Celtic have a new manager, Christian Dailly still hasn’t retired!! Good for him!

And Wimbledon starts today…Go Andy!!

god it makes me sick…give the guy a chance….! hope Elena Baltacha does well…I remember years ago when her Dad played for St Johnstone he was proud to be sponsored by the local Lada dealership!! Well done that man…!


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