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A Night at the Races

To Hamilton Races for the Fair Friday bash. Good time had by all….I think…had a great winner in the last race…Doon Haymer….As soon as I saw it in the paper the day before I knew it was going to win!! Brilliant.

I was so happy with my little win… I could never ever be a gambler. My old Mum is in hospital just now , but the good thing is we get to meet uncles and cousins we’ve not seen for ages who come and visit. Stobhill Hospital is a strange place just now with the “new” hospital opened and the “old” hospital still operating in a kind of half life purgatory..corridors littered with broken down trolleys and wheelchairs with wee notes on them..”Do Not Use Broken Wheel”. lovely punctuation.

And the Tour de France is Ace. I love it. Hopefully it’s drug free now and todaythe mountains will sort out the field.


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Facebook Madness

Just up and listening to the Andrew Marr Show…”Top Spook wears Speedos” headline?

Give the guy a break,… give his wife a break! If that’s the BBC news I want my money back. The BBC really has to stand back from this nonesense. If I want that rubbish I’ll get Sky and watch Fox News.

At least the show had a slight redeeming feature in the discussion with D Millband about ID cards…He says they’ll be really useful. ..but voluntary…not sure I trust him..I was looking at him as I looked at Tony Blair all those years ago…..I trusted Blair….his actions have damaged me!

I went to see David Milliband in the flesh a couple of months ago and kinda felt sorry for him because he probably suffers from the “Blair Effect”…in that we nolonger trust these bright eyed, enthusiatic, youthful politicians. In fact I would suggest that in these dark days the general public prefer our political hacks to be hewn from ugly rocks…step forward Mr Brown.

Looking forward to the tennis…hope roger wins!

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Wedding Bliss

I was away in Brighton this week and spent a fair fews days standing next to men in bars holding hands!

Did that come out right? I think I meant I was drinking in pubs where there were a number of couples also drinking…some of these couples were men. The couples that were men and women rarely held hands but the couples that were men nearly always held hands!!


Anyhow…I went to a wedding..where there were very few people holding hands…apart from the two down the front dressed in white like Randell and Hopkirk? So there was much discussion about the social politics of hand holding…we must speak about it sometime.

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