Facebook Madness

Just up and listening to the Andrew Marr Show…”Top Spook wears Speedos” headline?

Give the guy a break,… give his wife a break! If that’s the BBC news I want my money back. The BBC really has to stand back from this nonesense. If I want that rubbish I’ll get Sky and watch Fox News.

At least the show had a slight redeeming feature in the discussion with D Millband about ID cards…He says they’ll be really useful. ..but voluntary…not sure I trust him..I was looking at him as I looked at Tony Blair all those years ago…..I trusted Blair….his actions have damaged me!

I went to see David Milliband in the flesh a couple of months ago and kinda felt sorry for him because he probably suffers from the “Blair Effect”…in that we nolonger trust these bright eyed, enthusiatic, youthful politicians. In fact I would suggest that in these dark days the general public prefer our political hacks to be hewn from ugly rocks…step forward Mr Brown.

Looking forward to the tennis…hope roger wins!


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