A Night at the Races

To Hamilton Races for the Fair Friday bash. Good time had by all….I think…had a great winner in the last race…Doon Haymer….As soon as I saw it in the paper the day before I knew it was going to win!! Brilliant.

I was so happy with my little win… I could never ever be a gambler. My old Mum is in hospital just now , but the good thing is we get to meet uncles and cousins we’ve not seen for ages who come and visit. Stobhill Hospital is a strange place just now with the “new” hospital opened and the “old” hospital still operating in a kind of half life purgatory..corridors littered with broken down trolleys and wheelchairs with wee notes on them..”Do Not Use Broken Wheel”. lovely punctuation.

And the Tour de France is Ace. I love it. Hopefully it’s drug free now and todaythe mountains will sort out the field.


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