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Last Day of the Month

I was going to say “Summer”, and then thought….don’t be daft!

A wet and wild summer we have had? My apple tree has developed a distinct tilt towards the Campsie Hills as the prevailing South West wind has blown away all summer.

That’s a funny thing these days. Our strong winds in Scotland used to be from the West, North West etc..never the South. I wonder why? Probably just an indicator of the changing world.

Like where does all the sand and sealife go? Anyone over 40 will remember seeing crabs and stuff in pools on any beach, even the horribly polluted ones. not any more! There is no life. It’s gone.


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Apologies I Have None

Now and again I fall upon some really interesting live music. Happened the other night as I was seeking refuge from my usual Friday night bevvy. I’d decided to hide in Nice ‘n’ Sleazies in Sauchiehall Street for a couple of hours and head up the road early because I was getting up at 4am to drive my brother and his everloving affliction to the airport.

A workmate’s girlfriend’s wee brother was playing at Sleazies, so you know me, a fiver in the hands of a decent crew is well worth it.

I was about to head back to the train station just after ten, without hearing the last act, but stayed to listen to them. Turned out to be 2 guys (from London? area)  called “Apologies I have none.

They were good:

I really admire the energy of young guys making the effort to book a wee tour and get out and about.  I hope they didn’t lose any money.

When you think it’s £50 for Coldplay and £60 for Cliff Richard…I worry for the world

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