Apologies I Have None

Now and again I fall upon some really interesting live music. Happened the other night as I was seeking refuge from my usual Friday night bevvy. I’d decided to hide in Nice ‘n’ Sleazies in Sauchiehall Street for a couple of hours and head up the road early because I was getting up at 4am to drive my brother and his everloving affliction to the airport.

A workmate’s girlfriend’s wee brother was playing at Sleazies, so you know me, a fiver in the hands of a decent crew is well worth it.

I was about to head back to the train station just after ten, without hearing the last act, but stayed to listen to them. Turned out to be 2 guys (from London? area)  called “Apologies I have none.

They were good:  http://www.myspace.com/apologiesihavenone

I really admire the energy of young guys making the effort to book a wee tour and get out and about.  I hope they didn’t lose any money.

When you think it’s £50 for Coldplay and £60 for Cliff Richard…I worry for the world


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