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Is it Xmas yet?

I’ve lost my sense of time and place. It was dead frosty the other day so I looked about for “the scraper”.

You know the thing. Hard plastic edge for getting the ice of your windscreen. An essential bit of kit in Scotland now that cassette tape boxes and even CD cases are in short supply in the modern motor car! Anyhow, it was not to be found. Memo to self: “Buy a Scraper”.

Off to Tesco I go this gay weekend. In the proper sense of being bright and cheerful, sun out, cut my grass, hopefully for the last time before winter.

But Tesco got me all mixed up. It’s like Xmas started yesterday. Offers of this and that. …as I passed by the Fireworks! Then the Halloween Costumes shoe horned into a passageway, where, at the end…I spied the car accessories.

So down I go looking for the winter scraper. Whoever sorts this car stuff out is still in summer /autumn. It’s all sponges and cleaning products. No scrapers.

That set me wondering. In the modern superstore how do they decide WHEN to stock items. Do we need to wait until it’s icy in Hertfordshire (where TESCO is based) before a wee message pops up on the computer screen of “They Guy Who Buys the Stuff for Cars”.


The trouble is of course. I remembered today, but I’ll never remember again. I’m doomed to struggle through the winter using the soft edge of a road map or the back of my gloved hand, and doing a crappy job. By about Xmas I’ll be putting old UNCUT compilation CD’s back in the car just so I can waste them on the screen!

If a record company wants to sell more CD’s they should make them in the shape of car scrapers!

That’s my story. I’m always in the wrong time frame. Looking for a short sleeved checked shirt when it’s a long sleeved buttoned down world!


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