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It’s 10 days since I last had a thought

It’s weird. I’ve noticed an increase in blogs about change. Young people do not recognise change. What happens is that they grow older. But we don’t think we are any older. Then quite suddenly everything seems to have changed!

I was thinking that the other night when I saw Margaret Thatcher on the telly. An old frail woman.  What a change from the person in the 80’s who I thought was to blame for some  of the horrible changes to peoples lives.

And the media is transfixed these days by dates and numbers and anniversaries. Just watched Football Focus and they have a wee man on it who is 90 today. Why is in when  he’s 90, not 80 or 70.

The Berlin Wall fell 20 years ago. Here’s a good description of the media focus on numbers

So in summary, things don’t seem to change very much at all, as we struggle along, noses to the grindstone. Then you take a moment to look up and gaze around, and all of a sudden everything’s different!

Big changes in springburn tonight. And I feel so old. The Sighthill Flats are being blown up tonight!! Well at least 2 of them…..I remember when they were being built in the 60’s!! How depressing!  

I’ll be talking about outside toilets and big keys soon!


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Guy Fawkes is nothing in Canada

Spending November 5th in Niagara is weird for me. No fireworks! But saves a fortune in those increasingly disappointing wee efforts that I spend vast amounts of money on.

These latest “barrage” fireworks are the worst. You know the ones, lazy man squibs that you light once and they then send out a predetemined number of “shots” (25, 50, 100 etc).  Where’s the fun in that. The NEQ is miserable (Net Explosive Quantity for those not au fait with the world of squibs).

And most of the fun is in trying to light the fuse with those fiddly wee wands you get with the box of fireworks. Then the uncertainty…”Did I light it?” “It’s not went off yet”. But you can’t go back, …..but you always do!

Then  my brother’s party trick of throwing these dodgy fireworks into the bonfire!!   Such fun.

Then you get the safety instruction.  GARDEN FIREWORK “Stand back 25 metres”

Who in the UK has the 25 metre garden….Stand up…I want to meet you.

Where in the City of Glasgow can you stand 25 metres from anywhere. That’s why I suppose they have the big one in Glasgow Green. One of the few places where you can stand back 25 metres.

I’ll spend my firework money on something else this week..eating burgers in A&W or Harveys or the downmarket joint…mcdonalds? Or nice wine from the Niagara Region.

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