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Do I want or Do I “Need”

Back from my recent North American trip. While there I dipped back into the Douglas Coupland book “Generation X”. It’s almost 20 years since it was first published but it still very relevant.

I was struck by the early chapters discussing the confusion between what we need and what we want. You hear it all the time. I “need” those shoes, ipod, laptops, cars etc etc. When the truth is we don’t “need” them: We “want” them.

The conspicuous consumption witnessed daily is in stark contrast to the TV pictures of the devastation in Haiti, and other places around the world. Yes, people are nice, every shopping mall I went to asked you if you would contribute a dollar or two to your shopping bill to help Haiti. This was done in the same moment as they were  consuming more resources in a day lighting up the neon signs and wrapping up the box of donuts than most 3rd world villages have to exist in a week.

It’s a shame for young folk now. They have lost the ability to count and calculate as the educational cognescenti have decided that they should learn how to investigate and research. But they have failed. The multi media application framework world they live in has brainwashed them. They cannot recognise the obvious conflict in how the world is working. And when they can recognise it they (like the rest of us) find they are powerless to affect any big changes. It’s a long road to fight back against the pavlovian lives we’ve been forced into!!!


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