Russians and Red Road

Like Frankie Boyle might say. “Fucking extreme to throw yourself out a 15th story window just because you were being sent back to Canada!”

What does it say about our current inhumanity that these people are here with £35 a week and no dignity. I grew up wondering about how people lived in Eastern Europe, reading Alistair Maclean and Len Deighton novels about spies meeting in Fredrichstrasse in Berlin.

Those misguided fools got our crappy TV shows about teen sex and drugs….not true!

They end up here and living in Red Road. Talk about shock. I’ve read most of the reports about how dismal Red road is. Nonesense. I went to school there in the 70’s and we thought it was an amazing place, big kitchens, lovely toilets, indoor drying areas. It was a “brave new world”. The problem was the Thatcher government fucked everyone up!

No jobs, no future.

From 1979 onward it became a ghetto. The Have nots and the have absolutely nothings!!!


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