Volcano Alert

I see the planes coming into land from the North West over Glasgow Airport every day. At the weekend I can look westward out my front window and see aircraft drop down over the Campsie Hills, Bearsden and Milngavie and Clydebank…but not today. It’s been weird the last few days as the sky clears of the “pollution in the sky”…

And even the Daily Record is covering the news and replacing the usual nonesense about reality TV and Rangers winning the league:-


There must be screenwriters all over the world rehashing disaster movie scripts to take account of the recent changes. I just hope this tale of nature defeating mankind lets us learn a wee lesson about where we are and how we need to look after the world and take everything for granted…..But I doubt it…..

Already the scaremongerers are talking about food shortages and starvation. What’s that all about? I’m going to Canada in a few weeks and although I hope that my flight is back on schedule I know that I’ll get there eventually. Maybe we need to look back to the days of sailing over the Atlantic rather than flying. The last time this volcano erupted was 1821….no trouble with aeroplanes there!


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