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New Labour New Leader

Oh well, here we go again. A new leader in hock to the Unions….remember Bambi is 1994. They had Tony Blair down as a lightweight flimsy politician who would struggle to make any mark..

He fairly showed them…I’m sure there’s a few hundred thousand Iraq’s who wished he’d kept to that caricature in the 90’s. 15 years later and his biography is in the “crime” section and some folk consider him a war criminal. Where’s your Bambi now!

Milliband has already been pigeon holed as a bleeding heart / Union backed / Pinko. In my humble opinion lets keep him that way for a while. The world will be safer.

But let’s hope (and I say this ever time) he takes the chance to say things that people can relate to and take on board. Already we have the Condems doing the politics thing. Dipping the toe in the water of public opinion on things like school milk and winter fuel, gauging the back lash and then hurriedly planning other cuts against folk who can’t shout as loud.

There must be a consensus somewhere about looking after our very young, our very old and some of those in between that we can all sign up to.

Let’s hear it from the boy!


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My new dentist?

went to the dentist the other day for a check up. Alison, my previous dentist since I moved back to Glasgow had left to do something more interesting so I had a new person, a young lady who was very clinical and clean and perfectly professional in every way.

She checked out my teeth and took x rays and asked me about my history, my gold fillings, crowns etc.

It was as lay back in the chair I realised that my fillings were older than my dentist. A realisation that made me feel completely ancient. My gold inlays, that were much admired, have been there since 1978…and the one dental nurse was born in 1991!!

And then off to see Wilco at Barrowlands and had a discussion with Lynn and Bruce about jumpingĀ over the digital music cliff. Should we move away from Vinyl, CD’s etc to a digital collection. We came to the conclusion that without a cast iron guarantee that we would not lose all our musicĀ to a bust pc / ipod / laptop etc the digital leap was still a long way of. you hear folk talk about backing up to portable hard drives…but what if that went wrong?

So way…. And finally…how do you remember the titles of songs when you download them. I need to read something to remember it…!

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