My new dentist?

went to the dentist the other day for a check up. Alison, my previous dentist since I moved back to Glasgow had left to do something more interesting so I had a new person, a young lady who was very clinical and clean and perfectly professional in every way.

She checked out my teeth and took x rays and asked me about my history, my gold fillings, crowns etc.

It was as lay back in the chair I realised that my fillings were older than my dentist. A realisation that made me feel completely ancient. My gold inlays, that were much admired, have been there since 1978…and the one dental nurse was born in 1991!!

And then off to see Wilco at Barrowlands and had a discussion with Lynn and Bruce about jumping over the digital music cliff. Should we move away from Vinyl, CD’s etc to a digital collection. We came to the conclusion that without a cast iron guarantee that we would not lose all our music to a bust pc / ipod / laptop etc the digital leap was still a long way of. you hear folk talk about backing up to portable hard drives…but what if that went wrong?

So way…. And finally…how do you remember the titles of songs when you download them. I need to read something to remember it…!


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