Tommy Sheridan Trial v Andy Coulson

I was watching Channel 4’s “Dispatches” the other night and witnessed Andy Coulson (the Prime Minister’s Head of Communications) completely blanking a Select Committee. He was being asked about the News of the World story where they had hacked into the phone records of the Royal Family. He just sat there saying “I can’t recall, I can’t recall”.

Now some might find this annyoying, unlawful, etc. I just took it as one of the games of life, in the age old tradition of ” A big boy did it and ran away!”.

Fast forward to the Tommy Sheridan trial and I couldn’t help thinking that if a few of those witnesses could just have said “I can’t recall” then we could have saved a few million quid, maybe paid some child benefit, opened the odd school, bought some free personal care for some old folk, whatever.

Really, does any right thinking person feel this is a good use of public money?

Back to the TV show: The police had ssaid in the show “we have a duty to ensure that any enquiries are lawful, proportionate and involve an appropriate use of police resources”

I agree. Let’s leave the politicians and the papers to their scummy lives and let us get on with ours!


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  1. colin said

    I think it’s a good use of public money to investigate and prosecute alleged crime.

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