University Challenge

Has nothing changed? The whole debate on allowing University fees is just a trick with smoke and mirrors. I listened to this woman on TV the other morning asked she pedalled the myth the students won’t pay fees to go to University, they’ll just make a contribution when they’re finished.

What a lot of rubbish. Debt is debt. The only people who don’t consider this a burdensome debt are those rich enough to afford to pay it.

That’s the issue that they have not addressed. How does it look to the working class person setting out on life. We are continually bombarded with messages from government that we need to save for the future, not to take on debt etc etc.

Any right thinking young person from a family on a budget is obviously going to be deterred from taking this type of burden on in the current climate. How are you going to manage?

And the comment that you don’t pay anything until you earn £21,000. Whoopee…that’ll do it. Have these folk worked out how much it costs to live a life?

The whole debate has been manipulated and programmed. I’ve been disappointed in the media scrutiny. It’s as if journalists are scared to criticise because they pissed it up at Uni!

The facts are:-

We all benefit from having an educated population it’s very much a public benefit (like Defence). It’s strange how no one has commented that we could not afford the Iraq war, or Afganistan, or Trident.

We need to decide what we will spend money on. Does anyone think £200 million plus for the “Bloody Sunday” enquiry was worth it?

Before you starting charging the customer extra, any business would look at costs and rationalisation. We should look at the Universities and make them more efficient. Why is it that bigger is better in so many area but many universities operate in costly 16th Century buildings that are patently unsuitable.

Compare it with the NHS, get rid of all these bosses and amalgamate them into a “Super Campus”.  We’re looking at reducing the 8 police forces in Scotland because their office costs are 25% of budget…I don’t even know how many Uni’s there are now. It’s like a new one gets advertised on the back of a bus every week!

There are stacks of things that can be done before you hack into the students. We need to look at the whole grants system and tax system before we attack the future of of our young people.


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