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Where did the winter go?..It’s Gone!

This Sunday morning I got early and decided that winter was over. It could come back and bite me right on the arse…but I’m confident that the worst is over.

December 6th was that Monday when it snowed all bloody day, people got trapped at work, booked into hotel rooms overnight (who said it was all bad!) and were forced to take unpaid leave or use all their hard earned holidays because we’ve forgotten how to keep things running during bad weather!

So it’s been a busy, tiresome 2 months, fitting in Christmas between cancelled gigs and abandoned football matches. I eventually got my night out with John Cooper Clarke at the end of January. He was in great form and I hope he keeps going for another decade at least.

Even my winter sport, Ice Hockey, fell foul off the weather when a few games were delayed, but the Braehead Clan are doing well. Now I know you can bet on the outcome of Ice Hockey games I’m there every time!

I also managed to fit in my annual trip to the Niagara IceWine Festival, the most civilised excuse to drink in the street that I know! 

So that’s the winter gone…remember I told you…time to get the heads up and get out there…!


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