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Where do you go for the truth?

I’ve kinda gave up reading Scottish Newspapers. I still buy the Herald from time to time but most of the newspapers in the UK are caught in a weird loop of falling sales-poor quality-less staff.

Then you have the rush to mediocrity that seems to be the tabloid mantra.

I coming round to the view that the BBC’s web presence might not always be a good thing. There are some who say that the omnipotent appearance of the Beeb across all media strands is choking off quality.

I was really pissed off at the post budget coverage when all the press was about a penny off petrol when no one analysed the crappy economics of Osborne and Co or crticised the way they are robbing £100 a year off the over 80”s……not a bloody word.

So I end up trawling the internet for information and finding myself going to the New York Times

I suppose it’s because America is a bigger market that they can still sell enough papers to pay for proper journalism.

In Scotland I’m turning to the Scottish Review for challenging reading:-

But it’s only able to produce a few articles a week. But at least it’s a start in the re-shaping of our methods of expression!!


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Now, Here is the Good Weather

Had a laugh at my last post where I thought the winter was over….fool! But I feel a bit more confident now..2 days in a row where the sun was shining!

But in between we had the Japanese Earthquake and all the fuss over the nuclear leaks, Libya and the uproar in the middle east and our own completely unsympathetic gevernment taking away benefits, 88,000 under 34 year old will lose up to £2500 in housing benefits up to 2015 and the over 80’s (God love them!) are going to lose £100 off their winter fuel allowance.

Now let’s get all these things in proportion, we’re not struggling in this country, all this bleating about a penny off petrol is just so much nonesense, lift your head, smell the fresh air and enjoy your life.

YES, give this shitty government hell for their mean spirited attacks on our weakest friends and family, remind them that no one jumped up to say the Iraq war and Afghan invasion were  a waste of money and it might just be a better idea to look after our young and old and educate our students instead!

Reflect on the life of numbers we’re bombarded with and realise that the earthquake in Haiti killed around 250,000 people (similar number died in the Sri Lanka Tsunami in 2004)…I can’t even imagine what kind of devastation this is. I was going to compare these numbers with the New Zealand earthquake coverage (<100 dead) and the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami but to be honest the TV pictures from those 2 places and the devastation described just make me feel sick to think about the first two.

So this weeks moral. Pay the £1.33 for your unleaded and thank whatever supreme being you believe might guide your life (somewhere in the Delta quadrant for me!)..but don’t be feart to fight the good fight to make things better for everyone, especially those who through no fault of their own can’t indulge and consume the way you can!!

I’m away to get my garden sorted for the summer…

Have a good weekend….and mind put the clocks back!

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