Where do you go for the truth?

I’ve kinda gave up reading Scottish Newspapers. I still buy the Herald from time to time but most of the newspapers in the UK are caught in a weird loop of falling sales-poor quality-less staff.

Then you have the rush to mediocrity that seems to be the tabloid mantra.

I coming round to the view that the BBC’s web presence might not always be a good thing. There are some who say that the omnipotent appearance of the Beeb across all media strands is choking off quality.

I was really pissed off at the post budget coverage when all the press was about a penny off petrol when no one analysed the crappy economics of Osborne and Co or crticised the way they are robbing £100 a year off the over 80”s……not a bloody word.

So I end up trawling the internet for information and finding myself going to the New York Times


I suppose it’s because America is a bigger market that they can still sell enough papers to pay for proper journalism.

In Scotland I’m turning to the Scottish Review for challenging reading:-


But it’s only able to produce a few articles a week. But at least it’s a start in the re-shaping of our methods of expression!!


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