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3 Good Days in a Row!

There can be no doubt about it…the good weather is in Glasgow. Had to actually go out and water some wilting plants today!!

And Glasgow goes wild in the sun. I was down at the new Transport Museum. On the whole it’s really good but the wall where they seem to have stuck all the cars ob high up ledges, like a “Giant’s Matchbox Car Collection” is not really what I would want from the museum.  I want to look inside the cars and get an idea of the style and technicalities….not gaze at the underside and wonder at the various rustproofing techniques.

Then to the Art Gallery where I had a single nougat in the car park (that’s ice cream!) and went to see Dali’s “Christ on the Cross” that has been moved to it’s own wee area in the Museum.

All these places were really busy…I was glad to see that. Come on the Sun!



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