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Retirement Comes to us All!

Spent Friday afternoon and evening attending a retirement “do” for a colleague I’d known for years and worked with for the last 6.

All the people I’ve known in my job for about the last 25-30 years are all so pissed off with the way local government works that they seem almost eager to be next out the door!

I think the latest phrase is “towel over the ropes”….as in “So and so has flung the towel over the ropes!”

It’s as if everyone over 50 kinda feels it’s their civic duty to get out and give some young people a job. And the reason they think like that is we are the people who were affected by the Thatcher Disaster 30 years ago and we know how scarred young folk are by this uncertainty over jobs being inflicted upon them by far away politicians who really don’t care!!

The parallels with 30 years ago are uncanny, riots and football unrest being the ones I recognise best. In the early 80’s we had Celtic v Rangers and horses at hampden and alcohol bans…this last year we’ve got sectarian abuse and assault. do we never learn??


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