Retirement Comes to us All!

Spent Friday afternoon and evening attending a retirement “do” for a colleague I’d known for years and worked with for the last 6.

All the people I’ve known in my job for about the last 25-30 years are all so pissed off with the way local government works that they seem almost eager to be next out the door!

I think the latest phrase is “towel over the ropes”….as in “So and so has flung the towel over the ropes!”

It’s as if everyone over 50 kinda feels it’s their civic duty to get out and give some young people a job. And the reason they think like that is we are the people who were affected by the Thatcher Disaster 30 years ago and we know how scarred young folk are by this uncertainty over jobs being inflicted upon them by far away politicians who really don’t care!!

The parallels with 30 years ago are uncanny, riots and football unrest being the ones I recognise best. In the early 80’s we had Celtic v Rangers and horses at hampden and alcohol bans…this last year we’ve got sectarian abuse and assault. do we never learn??


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  1. Q. Do we ever learn??

    A. For the vast majority, the answer is a resounding and disappointing – but predictable. No.


    I know that things will improve.

    How do I know this?

    I can relate to the attitude of resignation, and as you rightly point out, it’s an attitude which isn’t hard to adopt these days. I’m not an expert in your field Gary but through yourself and our good mate, Mr P, I’ve seen the frustration and listened to many a lament about how a once trusted and respected organization which, in spite of its perceived foibles, didn’t seem to be all that broken. I’ve watched from the sidelines as it has been picked apart, reorganised, down manned and ultimately reduced to a few overworked professionals who spend their time trying to keep the ship afloat along with a motley crew of un-sackable’s.

    As for the rioting and sectarian shit kicking off again after so long. Which banner are they under this time? Not important if you ask me. I reckon that unrest like this is never far away, and never hard to bring out in people. It just bides its time, simmering away just looking for an excuse to surface, and when the natives are feeling as tetchy as they have been recently…. BOOM! And as always, the one with the balls to throw the first brick will soon have a crowd of genuine sympathizers joining in along with the usual posse of opportunistic criminals, anarchists and drunks to boost the numbers.

    But, I still have hope……

    I still see individuals who “give a shit”. I still see people who, despite having to fight their way through an atmosphere of negativity and who against all odds, defy the temptation to give up hope and join the ranks who have lost all interest and/or respect for our political leaders or authority in general. The masses have been herded into a new way of life and a sickening, disgusting culture of instant gratification and worship of celebrity. We are spoon by a corrupt and out of control media industry and we lap it all up for the most part. An industry which instead of fulfilling it’s duty of reporting unbiased news and ensuring our politicians are kept honest, purposely and knowingly cultivates an audience of credulous, greedy, slack jawed idiots eager to be horrified (secretly aroused perhaps) by the next report on “Why letting kids out to play is dangerous because EVERY man is a paedophile” followed by an interview with some slick, camera friendly “expert” with dubious credentials warning us that “Dirt is bad for you, even if your grandparents made it to their 90’s without anti-bacterial wipes, YOU need to disinfect everything”.

    People like you are the precious minority who still ask questions, challenge authority and make a nuisance of themselves where necessary. You wear their sense of duty and social responsibility like a badge of honour and will, in the end hopefully, prevent the rest of us from sliding into the pit.

    I hope I’m not wrong in thinking that people like you will always be around to correct the mistakes made by the unqualified, misguided, clueless and destructive attention seekers who bullshit their way to power. I hope that people like you will always be there to steer things in the right direction. You are all hidden jewels who go unrecognised by the majority and who are woefully unrewarded for your efforts. You, and the other folk you talk about here, lead by example and you DO make a difference whether you realise it or not. Why? Because there are still people like me who aren’t yet drones. You and the many others like you are the ones who ensure that we will eventually learn from all the mistakes. I am grateful for everything people like you have done and continue to do for the rest of us.

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