Theresa May is not making it up!

With all the issues that are troubling “ordinary” people you can always trust the sensibilities of the likes of Theresa May to leap to prejudice and ill advised judgement. I’m always amazed by the way well educated tories swallow this nonesense. What a waste of a private education. I keep expecting someone from the platform at a Tory Conference to announce that there two “b”‘s in gullible!!!
Meanwhile they sneak out another attack on the jobless and ill informed plans to sell off more public sector housing to try and repeat the idiocy of the 80’s. Davy Cameronn nearly slipped up in an interview when he confessed that we need to keep interest rates low since tens of thousands could not afford their mortgage if rates rise. They are resorting to the old Thatcher Plan. Give them a house and debt and they’ll never go on strike or fight for better conditions. The message for middle england is…”Don’t be a Sucker Again!!”


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