It’s never really a fair fight!

On Tinternet today to read the report of the Ice Hockey and then ended up watching all the videos posted of the “Occupy” protests in New York and other places.

I’m always struck by how we need to find a consensus on how to do “protest”. The New York protests I’ve watched have typically been by skinny, hippy, green, environmental types……I kinda fall into that category and have been on a few similar demos over the years. And we always get messed about by the police:-

It’s like when you go up the park to play football (or cricket) and the local bullies beat you up. The next time you go you invite your big cousin or that big boy round the corner who usually sits on his own reading war comics and carving guns out of pieces of wood. And he’s bigger than the bullies so they think twice about slapping him about.

It’s the same with the demo’s. The police soon see that these “indie kids” are no great physical threat so any sign of trouble…slap them down……and then we get to hear about it and the “indie kids” get fed up getting slapped about so they go home and get the big dude from the street who’s not that interested in politics but likes a wee laugh now and again.

The only skinny kids that I’ve noticed didn’t get huckled were the topless ones!!

Don’t think I’d get the same understanding if I tried that tactic!!


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