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I went for my N…

I went for my New Year traditional walk around Springburn Park today. The first job was to fight my way out of the street past the piles of garbage left out for our “fortnightly” collection! We’ve not had a “green bin” collection since before Xmas so there is a veritable bonfire of material piled up around the driveways of some of the houses.

The reason I mention this is that as I was passing through the park I came upon one the council workers loading up a pick up truck with loads of cardboard and rubbish. “pretty keen emptying the bins in the park” I thought…..until I realised he was taking the stuff from the boot of his car!! He had found a novel way of dealing with the 2 weekly collection….just take your garbage to work!!

The other wee chuckle I had was at the various dog walkers. I should’t really call them that because a  dog walker, in my imagination, is a health conscious, animal loving, fresh air fiend……but the ones I see in Springburn seem to hate fresh air and the thought of being outside.

I always see the dog first. And I’m a bit scared of dogs so I approach slowly. The dog is usually peeing against a tree or something. And then I see the owner. Hoodie up, track pants hanging low over scabby trainers, drawing long and slow on the fag to get a bit of heat….sheltering from the wind and peering out to see if the dog has finished it’s business.  Not for this guy the proud stride up to bag and tag his dog turd…no way…the dog is done…they turn and run….leaving the likes of me to dodge the leftovers!!


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