Jerry Cans and Sausage Rolls

I spent this week being amazed at why people listen to politicians when they also seem to think so little of them. I have some sympathy with Francis Maude and his “Jerry Can” comment. The truth is that he does not know any better, does not live the same life as us and has probably never worried about being able to afford to get to work in his life.

The same goes for Mr Cameron. How many millionaires spend their lunchtimes queuing up at Greggs for a Steak Bake?….not many I bet.

So the media scrum and frenzy around their throwaway comments is both misplaced and wasteful.

A more suitable object of scrutiny and discussion are all these crooked businesses that take millions of pounds of public money to hide the number of unemployed people and cheat and deceive young people into thinking they are getting a career when all they’re getting is used and abused.

So credit to the Panorama show tonight.:-





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