Record Day and Visual Arts Festival in Glasgow

I had a nice wee walk about Glasgow yesterday, under no pressure of time, since my only appointment was with the “junior” football!

I picked up a guide to the Glasgow Festival of Visual Art and thought I’d drop into the GOMA to see the Karla Black’s …”largest show in Scotland to date”.  I though this would mean there would be a lot to see…shows you what I know!

I entered GOMA and found out that the “show” was a huge slice of sawdust cake with the plastic wrapper off:-

So I headed to Tron 103 and had a wander round a few of the exhibit rooms there….things hanging on walls..I can fake a knowing look at them!

Then off to Mono for Record Store Day…then up to Avalanche (or is it LoveMusic?) to have a look in there. I always find myself going to the shop in Queen Street just to see how many people get in the shop along with the band who are playing “instore”!

I didn’t actually buy anything today…too busy!!

But the best part of my joint..Art / Music installation was the guy outside the record shop offering to do 10 press ups for a £1. He was in his barefeet and everything….I think he was american and must have confused the west coast of Scotland with the west coast of America…

I helpfully mentioned to him that he would be best to get some footwear before heading down to Greggs for his lunch because walking barefoot in Glasgow could come to a bloody, infected end!



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