Glasgow Fair Friday

Sitting at home when I should be in the pub before heading  to the Fair Friday Night at Hamilton Racecourse.

With all this dreadful weather the management at Hamilton Racecourse abandoned the racing on Wednesday! And lo and behold the weather’s been pretty good ever since!

The BBC weather, with no trace of Michael Fish has announced it will be a dry evening:-

It’s just so disappointing.

There was the option to just go to the pub and have a retro, 70’s style “swally” with the boys. But this is a wee bit beyond me these days so I had to settle for lunch in Wintersgills and watching David Millar win a stage in the Tour de France. Exhausting:-

Tour de France 2012: David Millar claims stage 12 victory with sprint finish after lung bursting breakaway

Millar has gone from “Doper” to “Campaigner” over the years and I think he’s done well to face up to all the media coverage and criticism over the years. The fact that riders are now performing “clean” in cycling is to be much admired. These guys are real athletes.  And winning on the anniversary of Tom Simson’s death was very special.  He was found to have alcohol and amphetamine in his system when he collapsed and died after a mountain stage in Ventoux.

So enough sport. I’ll not even mention Club 12/ Sevco Ltd, whatever it’s called, or John Terry.

It’s off to the Press Bar tonight, to meet the other waifs and strays who should be enjoying the Hamilton Races.


Press Bar, Glasgow

found this photo on the internet of the Press Bar. Nice.


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