What’s that strange sound in the house!

One of the many pleasures of Facebook is that it sometimes gives a slight comfort that “we are not alone””.

I was reassured at the weekend to see some of my friends posting about….”That’s the heating on this morning” or “Central Heating comes to life”.

So what does that say about us? That we’re middle class with a low tolerance for the cold!

We all set the thermostat to the same number???   18, 20, 22?

And we have really no idea what our weather is doing? some people swear by the BBC…others, especially in Glasgow, follow the  STV guy (Sean?) to the letter.

And we have no real excuse for moaning about cold. I was listening to Jason Lytle (Grandaddy) on the radio tonight…he lives in Montana…where it’s known to get a bit breezy and fresh!

And here’s a wee song from him about loving the Weather Girl from his 28 inch TV



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