Fresh hope for the Tartan Army!

So here we go, here we go, here we go. The first game of the next World Cup qualification campaign.

how long will the hopes, enthusiasm and aspiration last?

Probably as long as it takes for Strathclyde’s finest to start dragging the Tartan Army down by issuing fixed penalties!!

On page 3 of today’s Herald we have Chief Superintendant Andy Bates adding to Craig Levein’s call for a Hampden Roar by reminding fans that it is an offence to drink in a public place in Glasgow…..Has he ever watched Scotland sober??????

The Scottish Executive reported on the use of Fixed Penalty notices a few years ago. Strathclyde gave out 50% more than any other force and 30% of all fixed penalities were for drinking in a public place.

I’d like to know how many are handed out around Hampden?

I’ve stopped going to Scotland games after witnessing boys from Aberdeen and Inverness being almost “ambushed” by police with fixed penalties. A pure shame!

Why don’t they stop the shops selling alcohol? Anyone who has attended big sporting events around the UK and saw shops selling crates of beer to daft buys would surely agree.

And why don’t the police look at the crowds of wee neds who sit in George Square every weekend with their bottles of wine?

Anway, good luck to Scotland, I hope the fans only need to buy the tickets and the pies and there’s no need for to pay any “Tartan Army Tax” in the shape of stupid fines for having a beer!




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