What we can afford?

Reading the paper today we learn that the 20 year old government mess known as “Rail Franchising” is going to cost another £40 – 45 million in compensation to the 4 companies who took part in that particular lottery known as the awarding process.

So we’re all in it together?

But compare that to the £45 BILLION that was used to bail out the Royal Bank of Scotland in 2008….and they have the cheek to suggest yesterday that there’s still some “Heavy Lifting” to be done:-


At least we can have some hope that if the Banks are restructered and we move the gambling and casino elements away from the retail sector then there will be some payback to the public purse.

No such luck with the assorted military excursions we’ve had over the last decade. Recent figures suggest that £20 BILLION has been in cash in Iraq and Afghanistan…and that takes no account of the toll in misery and death.


To put it in perspective, most recent figures show that 20 Billion would pay for all Scottish Health spending for 2 years.


I suppose it’s one of the good things about this recession that people are starting to question where our money is being spent.

Finally, a good thing for the environment, half a billion litres less petrol was sold this spring. I hope this means more people were walking, car sharing or getting the bike out!




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