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How can we be poor when we spend more on mobile phones that electricity?

I was in town the other day and was “forced” to overhear 2 people ranting about hown much it was costing to heat their houses. They were moaning that in this cold damp weather it was going to cost a load of money to keep warm.

Then one of their phones goes and they bring in a third person to the conversation……

And I notice that the other person start fiddling with their gadget phone… apple or samsung or such like……

I was going to lean over and suggest they stop killing birds or checking in and actually go on a web site that could reduce their fuel bills

And then I hear them talking about getting a new phone. They had just been in what I would call the Orange Shop in Sauchiehall Street, now called EE…..catchy?

And they were now saying that the new deal was unlimited texts and broadband and calls:-

And this was a snip at £50 a month!!!!!

So I’m sitting there thinking to myself, electricity is about 14p a unit. £50 runs my telly for a while!!

Funny what’s important to people.



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