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Who finds Prank Calls Funny?

I’ve not said too much about the tragic death of the nurse who was deceived by the so called “prank call”. This is mainly because the thought of it makes me feel sick.

I’ve never found these things on the radio funny at all. They make me cringe….and I’m going back more than 20 years to when Robin Galloway was doing them on Northsound Radio in Aberdeen. I believe he moved to other stations over the years and kept up the same nonesense.

Anyway, just  read this today, about how they might be finished now……Good!

My unease with these calls is that I only like jokes where we are all having a good time. I don’t think anything is that funny if you’re leaving people out.

In this “post Levenson” age, we need to kick back at some of the pointless, inane activities that people pass off as entertainment.

In addition, ordinary people, like this nurse who is now dead, should not be fodder for folk to make a fast buck.

The “Thin Skull Rule” should apply here. The organisations and people responsible need to accept that the way they treated her was awful. Did they think for even a milli second about how it might feel to be duped, feel annoyed, ashamed, foolish? I don’t think so.

So they need to take their victim as they find them:- 

This was a terrible thing to happen to any family and I hope I never hear anything like it again. Let the woman have her baby in peace.


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