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Andrew Mitchell: Welcome to the real world!

Shock Horror…..” Man gets stiched up by the establishment”

This Andrew Mitchell saga is a joke. The UK government is failing it’s citizens left right and centre, Leveson, closure of Remploy,  removal of benefits from vulnerable people, failing to provide a future for the young….and what do we get in the papers:-

Such shock at a white middle aged man getting into bother with the cops.

…and of course, the kerfuffle over gay marriage..

I think in management speak they call this “goal displacement”. When you don’t have the skills or abilities to actually complete the proper tasks required so you fiddle about on the side doing all the wee jobs that don’t really matter.

And this criticism applies to government and the media. They are both guilty of an unhealthy obsession with their own “machinery” to the detriment of the wider wellbeing of the UK.

I find myself more an more reading online versions of international media to get an idea of what’s happening in the UK.

Going back to the column inches covering the Mitchell saga. Where is the coverage of this guy’s death over 20 years ago. now that’s what I call getting on the “wrong side of the law”

And the whole system now seems to be designed to have enquiry after enquiry at costs of usually £5million a year. (Iraq Enquiry is my base for this)

Up to a staggering £191 million for the Bloody Sunday Enquiry

And if he thinks he’s been hard done by; What about the football families that have been living with the Hillsborough disaster for 23 years..

…or this poor lady who has been threatened with deportation, won her appeal, and now Theresa May is appealing again to try and toss her out the country and send her to a slow death:-


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New Year Walk

yesterday looking for ideas for things to do this year. A golf trip to Arran was one idea. I really fancy another long distance walk. I think I’ll do the Great Glen Walk, 80 miles from Fort William to Inverness, hopefully a nice mix of isolation, fresh air and relaxing food and drink.

But meantime I headed for my annual New Year walk in Springburn Park….77 acres of our very own isolation in the North of Glasgow.

It was brilliant. I hardly met a soul. I fed the ducks, wandered up to the highest point in Glasgow and had a seat overlooking the muddy mess that is all that remains of the old tennis courts.

In some ways it is a terrible shame that the park isn’t busier. I’d prefer to see the swing park full of kids and the cricket pitch being used…but there you go.

So, getting hungry and heading for home I come to the inner city dilemma ….McDonalds or KFC????

I wandered down past 42 Viewpoint. The highest flats in Glasgow!! Don’t let me hear about Red Road. They are the tallest flats. 22 and 42 Viewpoint are built on the highest ground in Glasgow. so being the 10th tallest building in Glasgow + built on the highest ground = HIGHEST.

So there’s your fact for the day. One day I’ll need to deal with the “oldest pub in glasgow” question!

And finally, heres’ a link to a wee film about the old men’s club in springburn park. It seems that years ago every park had such a club where older guys would hang out.

Maybe I should start one for all my old retired pals…(you know who you are!!)

Happy New Year


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