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The Labour Party in Scotland v Workfare?

These good folk don’t seem to know whether to stick or twist. On the one hand we are all “better together” then on the other hand we praise how our Scottish authorities will deal in a caring and senstive manner on “The Bedroom Tax”.

For my own part i’m looking for responsible politicians. I’m uncomfortable when any politician uses sarcastic and unhelpful language. When the guy Gove changed policy recently after a campaign by teachers in England it was quoted as “humiliating climbdown” by his political enemies. Why not give him some credit for listening?

I am no defender of a Tory government but the last decade has given us great access to the information process and we should use it responsibly.

Talking of responsibility. I’ve been inundated recently by e mails from the Labour Party about the “No” Campaign, Bedroom Tax, etc. On Tuesday night there was a big vote on legislation rushed through parliament relating to “Workfare”

This is very contentious.

I have not received a single word of comment or explanation from  my MP our the Labour Party. The reason I say this is that the majority of Labour MP’s abstained.

There were 40+ Labour MP’s who voted against. Well Done them!

There may be good reasons for the actions by Labour. I think we should be told. Sadly I think the reason the “party machine” supported abstentions is that Labour in government would not be any better!!

When I get a minute I’ll be asking the Glasgow MP’s, Bain, Sarwar, Curran.


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A Twisted Time of Wrongs?

I was upset to read about the aftermath of the Ohio Rape Case in America.

It appeared that the victim was “blamed” by her peers and suffered further.

I read some of so called “social media” comments and was disturbed that young people were taking this approach. And it was “young” people. They were mostly citing the failures of other high school and college friends in being too “wasted” or “drunk”.

I could not connect at all with their views. In my youth it was a badge of honour to look after your friends and make sure they were safe. And it was even a more admirable thing to look after a stranger and get them home safely.

I proudly tell the story about the only time I’ve ever been in a lap dancing bar; when it was the only place still serving alcohol and I’d missed my last pint by spending the time looking after a drunk at a bus stop!!!  There’s a moral there…..somewhere.

I used to think I got that idea from my good religious upbringing…but I now realise that was wrong…it was just my good upbringing.

The way these kids in America speak  comes ultimately from the influences around them. The politicians, the media etc. What chance have they got?

This was brought home to me when I reflected on some of the stuff I’ve read over these last few years of grievance and envy in the UK.

What about our disgraced Cardinal O’Brien? Who remembers his comments about abortion and Dunblane?

Not very helpful. What was he trying to say? I’m still not sure.

It’s a dangerous route to take that people need to moderate their own behaviour to avoid tempting others to break the laws of the land. I better make sure I don’t flash my vintage Nokia 3310 phone about the town in case I tempt some heartless individual to mug me for such a delightful possession!

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