The “Truth” Video by Labour

I wasted a few minutes of my Saturday morning watching this video.

I have to say it didn’t seem to tell much truth…no mention of getting young folk jobs, getting people an eduction, caring for the elderly, dealing with welfare….just a lot of slagging off people and quoting things they had been said “that one time”.

It just leads to a “tit for tat” mentality. I could go back through Tony Blair and Gordon Brown quotes on prescription charges, public transport, student fees etc and make them look complete liars.
Politics is about choices and change.
By all means engage with me about issues like the health service, student fees, pensions and welfare…but leave the european issue where it should be left..on the sidelines as an administrative matter that will be dealt with in due course.
do you really think if we were tossed out of the EU the Spanish would turn round and say they would no longer fish in our waters…or they wouldd not recognise the CE mark our packers put on salmon and whisky. ..Nonesense…it would be dealt with.
I tried to reply to the person who decided to call this e mail “Truth”. I said that it should be reported under the Trade Descriptions Act but in actual fact that legislation was replaced by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulation 2008 ,,,that implemented the Consumer Protection EU Directive!!



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