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Zero Hours: Zero Life for the Caley

I’ve been watching the discussion about zero hours contracts quite closely:-

The strange thing is how it has sneaked up on the “chattering classes” who are now wringing hands and bleating about it whilee happily sitting in Wetherspoons drinking their £6.99 bottles of wine!

This has come about because it’s the next step in “sweating the assets” of GB plc. 30 years ago Thatcher moved folk onto benefits and sick pay and tossed them on the scrapheap…but even that option looks civilised in comparison to today.

What’s not been examined is the long term trouble we are storing up. We hear the economists wonder about the lack of growth in the recession….NO WONDER! how can we expect growth when people can’t plan a future. There is a real need to recognise that stability in employment helps us.

And I’m sick of the BBC wheeling out these shiny happy people who find it “fits in well with my lifestyle”

Nobody cares about the tiny minority for whom it works…FINE.

What we care about is zero hours being systematically used by private sector businesses to such an extent that people now think it’s the norm…..Read this book from 100 years ago and you will now recognise that the first 100 pages or so could have been written yesterday:-

I’ve been banging on about “The Caley” railway works in Sprinburn that is in administration. There’s been a repair yard there for more than 180 years, it’s the oldest in the world, has orders on the books but has been owned for the last 6 years by the modern curse of a private ltd company:

Railcare….well named:-

A Few Directors listed, among them a Mr James Seward

and the holding company

Ombros Group Ltd

This business has a voluntary dissolution requested on 17th July.

But if you search you find this company starting up on 1st February 2013:-
Ombros Integrated Services Ltd

And Mr James Seward who is a director of Railcare is a Director here. does this seem a bit cynical….preparation for failure…but no one told the workers!….

What can be done?

There’s a meeting with a politican….but does anyone have any hope?


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