Empty Parks for Empty Lives!

This “Consultation” from Glasgow City Council caught my eye:-


It proposes “rules” about the number of people, the length of dog leads, the speed of bikes.

As a Weights and Measures man I should be delighted by this turn of certainty and numeracy.

But it’s just madness.

“Ye Canny Drink” “Ye Canny Sing” “Ye Canny play Guitar”.

We have truly lost the plot when we cannot deal with the minority (and they are a minority) of anti social characters in our midst without these horrible restrictions.

And the truth is that they are counter productive. Young people being followed around the city to see if they drop litter have no respect for city authorities. Old guys being followed around to see if they drop a fag end or matchbox feel the same.

We need to rebuild a society where you can say “Enjoy the place, respect the people”.

Authorising poorly paid and trained people will only lead to discontent because they will undoubtedly be set “targets” that will then be met by the issue of fines and fixed penalties to the unaware and gullible.

And the double standards are crushing. In Glasgow you can’t drink in George Square unless your paying £5 a drink at “Whisky Live” or some money making scheme. So I’ll rephrase that. you can only drink if it suits!!

This is best explained by the West End of Glasgow being treated right and the rest wrong.

The West End Festival, Bard in the Botanics etc find Police Scotland operating a proportionate enforcement role and usually allowing picnics etc



But this young guy in Springburn is obviously determined to wreak havoc in the community:-


In this time of “grievance and envy” it’s all too easy to jump to nasty conclusions.

I’m so glad I’m not a kid these days….no wonder they stay home and play X Box or Playstation.







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