Paying the Licence Fee of the BBC.

I came across this blog in my search for the truth about “Corporation Tax” and the scare story that because a business would move it’s HQ from Scotland then we would lose the tax they pay.

I don’t know much about taxation but I always thought the principle was that you pay such tax where you traded (not where you were “domiciled”. Anyway, it seems my tenuous grasp of taxation is still light years ahead of people earning 6 figure salaries at the BBC:-

There were a flurry of complaints about this Nick Robinson v Salmond spat.

what has really disturbed me is the BBC answer to such complaints. The answer quoted below does nothing to respond to the actual level of competence and trust of their employee. We really need organisations that own up and say…”OK that was a daft question!”

In my view the publicly funded BBC has lost the hearts and minds of many Scottish viewers. I know after next week I’ll be asking them a few questions about why I should support them with my annual payment when they appear little better than Fox News these days.


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