Bin the Bedroom Tax March Banned!

today there should be a “Bin the Bedroom Tax” march from George Square to the Lib Dem conference but it was banned by the Council.

I’m not sure of the reasons but I know there was a new procedure or policy introduced 3 years ago and they need to consider safety etc…..qute right too:-

So Ilooked on that bit of my council’s web site to see if there was any information….and I noticed that although the Bedroom Tax march is a no go there are a pile of “Orange District” and “Govan Flute Band” due the next few days!!

And I’ve never ever been impressed by “The Rising Star of Bridgton”

Sadly they have still allowed this lot to stumble around the city…..

Estimates say 80,000 people may be affected in Scotland and there is actually a huge mismatch in provision of accommodation so many families cannot avoid being sucked into this money sucking scheme.

Even at the most optimistic The Oranfe Order claims 50,000 members. They should have stood down or offered a dual walk!!!

Now that would be good….A Big Orange Band playing “This Old House”… we jive down the street!!!

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Zero Hours: Zero Life for the Caley

I’ve been watching the discussion about zero hours contracts quite closely:-

The strange thing is how it has sneaked up on the “chattering classes” who are now wringing hands and bleating about it whilee happily sitting in Wetherspoons drinking their £6.99 bottles of wine!

This has come about because it’s the next step in “sweating the assets” of GB plc. 30 years ago Thatcher moved folk onto benefits and sick pay and tossed them on the scrapheap…but even that option looks civilised in comparison to today.

What’s not been examined is the long term trouble we are storing up. We hear the economists wonder about the lack of growth in the recession….NO WONDER! how can we expect growth when people can’t plan a future. There is a real need to recognise that stability in employment helps us.

And I’m sick of the BBC wheeling out these shiny happy people who find it “fits in well with my lifestyle”

Nobody cares about the tiny minority for whom it works…FINE.

What we care about is zero hours being systematically used by private sector businesses to such an extent that people now think it’s the norm…..Read this book from 100 years ago and you will now recognise that the first 100 pages or so could have been written yesterday:-

I’ve been banging on about “The Caley” railway works in Sprinburn that is in administration. There’s been a repair yard there for more than 180 years, it’s the oldest in the world, has orders on the books but has been owned for the last 6 years by the modern curse of a private ltd company:

Railcare….well named:-

A Few Directors listed, among them a Mr James Seward

and the holding company

Ombros Group Ltd

This business has a voluntary dissolution requested on 17th July.

But if you search you find this company starting up on 1st February 2013:-
Ombros Integrated Services Ltd

And Mr James Seward who is a director of Railcare is a Director here. does this seem a bit cynical….preparation for failure…but no one told the workers!….

What can be done?

There’s a meeting with a politican….but does anyone have any hope?

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The “Truth” Video by Labour

I wasted a few minutes of my Saturday morning watching this video.

I have to say it didn’t seem to tell much truth…no mention of getting young folk jobs, getting people an eduction, caring for the elderly, dealing with welfare….just a lot of slagging off people and quoting things they had been said “that one time”.

It just leads to a “tit for tat” mentality. I could go back through Tony Blair and Gordon Brown quotes on prescription charges, public transport, student fees etc and make them look complete liars.
Politics is about choices and change.
By all means engage with me about issues like the health service, student fees, pensions and welfare…but leave the european issue where it should be left..on the sidelines as an administrative matter that will be dealt with in due course.
do you really think if we were tossed out of the EU the Spanish would turn round and say they would no longer fish in our waters…or they wouldd not recognise the CE mark our packers put on salmon and whisky. ..Nonesense…it would be dealt with.
I tried to reply to the person who decided to call this e mail “Truth”. I said that it should be reported under the Trade Descriptions Act but in actual fact that legislation was replaced by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulation 2008 ,,,that implemented the Consumer Protection EU Directive!!


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The Labour Party in Scotland v Workfare?

These good folk don’t seem to know whether to stick or twist. On the one hand we are all “better together” then on the other hand we praise how our Scottish authorities will deal in a caring and senstive manner on “The Bedroom Tax”.

For my own part i’m looking for responsible politicians. I’m uncomfortable when any politician uses sarcastic and unhelpful language. When the guy Gove changed policy recently after a campaign by teachers in England it was quoted as “humiliating climbdown” by his political enemies. Why not give him some credit for listening?

I am no defender of a Tory government but the last decade has given us great access to the information process and we should use it responsibly.

Talking of responsibility. I’ve been inundated recently by e mails from the Labour Party about the “No” Campaign, Bedroom Tax, etc. On Tuesday night there was a big vote on legislation rushed through parliament relating to “Workfare”

This is very contentious.

I have not received a single word of comment or explanation from  my MP our the Labour Party. The reason I say this is that the majority of Labour MP’s abstained.

There were 40+ Labour MP’s who voted against. Well Done them!

There may be good reasons for the actions by Labour. I think we should be told. Sadly I think the reason the “party machine” supported abstentions is that Labour in government would not be any better!!

When I get a minute I’ll be asking the Glasgow MP’s, Bain, Sarwar, Curran.

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A Twisted Time of Wrongs?

I was upset to read about the aftermath of the Ohio Rape Case in America.

It appeared that the victim was “blamed” by her peers and suffered further.

I read some of so called “social media” comments and was disturbed that young people were taking this approach. And it was “young” people. They were mostly citing the failures of other high school and college friends in being too “wasted” or “drunk”.

I could not connect at all with their views. In my youth it was a badge of honour to look after your friends and make sure they were safe. And it was even a more admirable thing to look after a stranger and get them home safely.

I proudly tell the story about the only time I’ve ever been in a lap dancing bar; when it was the only place still serving alcohol and I’d missed my last pint by spending the time looking after a drunk at a bus stop!!!  There’s a moral there…..somewhere.

I used to think I got that idea from my good religious upbringing…but I now realise that was wrong…it was just my good upbringing.

The way these kids in America speak  comes ultimately from the influences around them. The politicians, the media etc. What chance have they got?

This was brought home to me when I reflected on some of the stuff I’ve read over these last few years of grievance and envy in the UK.

What about our disgraced Cardinal O’Brien? Who remembers his comments about abortion and Dunblane?

Not very helpful. What was he trying to say? I’m still not sure.

It’s a dangerous route to take that people need to moderate their own behaviour to avoid tempting others to break the laws of the land. I better make sure I don’t flash my vintage Nokia 3310 phone about the town in case I tempt some heartless individual to mug me for such a delightful possession!

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Andrew Mitchell: Welcome to the real world!

Shock Horror…..” Man gets stiched up by the establishment”

This Andrew Mitchell saga is a joke. The UK government is failing it’s citizens left right and centre, Leveson, closure of Remploy,  removal of benefits from vulnerable people, failing to provide a future for the young….and what do we get in the papers:-

Such shock at a white middle aged man getting into bother with the cops.

…and of course, the kerfuffle over gay marriage..

I think in management speak they call this “goal displacement”. When you don’t have the skills or abilities to actually complete the proper tasks required so you fiddle about on the side doing all the wee jobs that don’t really matter.

And this criticism applies to government and the media. They are both guilty of an unhealthy obsession with their own “machinery” to the detriment of the wider wellbeing of the UK.

I find myself more an more reading online versions of international media to get an idea of what’s happening in the UK.

Going back to the column inches covering the Mitchell saga. Where is the coverage of this guy’s death over 20 years ago. now that’s what I call getting on the “wrong side of the law”

And the whole system now seems to be designed to have enquiry after enquiry at costs of usually £5million a year. (Iraq Enquiry is my base for this)

Up to a staggering £191 million for the Bloody Sunday Enquiry

And if he thinks he’s been hard done by; What about the football families that have been living with the Hillsborough disaster for 23 years..

…or this poor lady who has been threatened with deportation, won her appeal, and now Theresa May is appealing again to try and toss her out the country and send her to a slow death:-

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New Year Walk

yesterday looking for ideas for things to do this year. A golf trip to Arran was one idea. I really fancy another long distance walk. I think I’ll do the Great Glen Walk, 80 miles from Fort William to Inverness, hopefully a nice mix of isolation, fresh air and relaxing food and drink.

But meantime I headed for my annual New Year walk in Springburn Park….77 acres of our very own isolation in the North of Glasgow.

It was brilliant. I hardly met a soul. I fed the ducks, wandered up to the highest point in Glasgow and had a seat overlooking the muddy mess that is all that remains of the old tennis courts.

In some ways it is a terrible shame that the park isn’t busier. I’d prefer to see the swing park full of kids and the cricket pitch being used…but there you go.

So, getting hungry and heading for home I come to the inner city dilemma ….McDonalds or KFC????

I wandered down past 42 Viewpoint. The highest flats in Glasgow!! Don’t let me hear about Red Road. They are the tallest flats. 22 and 42 Viewpoint are built on the highest ground in Glasgow. so being the 10th tallest building in Glasgow + built on the highest ground = HIGHEST.

So there’s your fact for the day. One day I’ll need to deal with the “oldest pub in glasgow” question!

And finally, heres’ a link to a wee film about the old men’s club in springburn park. It seems that years ago every park had such a club where older guys would hang out.

Maybe I should start one for all my old retired pals…(you know who you are!!)

Happy New Year


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